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Services - E-shop: How to do shopping

How to do shopping

Find your product

Find your product by browsing in the catalogue (choosing the particular category from the left bar menu) or by searching. The e-shop allows you to take a look into category products by picture view, thumbnails or as gallery. Within the thumbnails view it is very easy to select the products by different parameters (price, tittle).

Searching the products

Products search can be done by fulltext in the search field on the top of the left side of the e-shop or by the help of the detail search. Fulltext search is browsing the text in our web page. Detail serching helps to search by parametres as article, code, device...

Putting the products into the shopping basket

If you have decided and you ready with your choice, product item can be joined into the basket by clicking BUY IT. On the top of the right part of the screen is always written actual amount of items in the basket. After the click on this link you can find detailed infomation of the items with prices. You can also go back from this section.

Sending orders through the web

If you have already selected the product in the basket section, click on "make an order". In case that you were already buying in our shop or you have created your own acount, click on "sign in" a with your user name and password and sign in. In case that you do not have your own acount click on "register". After filling the obligatory information which are marked by the star click on "sent". Afterwards you will get to the screen "preparing an order" where you can choose a delivery, fill in an address, note or prefered order, etc. By clicking "finalize an order" you will become our client and your order will be our uppermost priority.

When order is sent

After your sent order one of our stuff will contact you by telephone or via e-mail to confirm your order and advice you with availability and date of delivery. Other information about shopping at: shop(at)thr(dot)sk or on our web page in the section of Business conditions and reclaims.